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Welcome to Jaclyn Fritz Photography! I have been a photographer for 5 years, and a wedding photographer for two years! I loved film photography in high school and it’s definitely on my regret list that I didn’t pursue it more throughout college. 

Well fast forward a few years, and you know that feeling when life just clicks and falls into place, even for just a little bit? That’s how I felt when I started photographing weddings! I absolutely love working with families and kids, but I longed for the chance to spend more time with my clients in one setting and really get creative! Well… welcome to wedding days! I love whirlwind days with nonstop action and being busy, so these came so naturally to me. I love seeing and feeling the love in the air, especially when you get to see the couples reactions to each other for the first time! The emotions, the reactions, and the love are what make the wedding day so unique and special, and I love the opportunity to capture these through the lens! 

The past year has been an absolutely amazing chance for me to grow and learn as a photographer and mom! Balancing this business, a full time job, and two incredible kiddos definitely has its challenges, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I feel like life at this moment has just clicked, and we are on the way to some more amazing moments this year! I am so thankful for my support system and family, for giving me the chance to expand this business and pursue a true passion of mine! I am forever grateful and cannot wait to see what the future brings! 




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